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How to Troubleshoot Belkin Router - Simple Guidelines


Belkin is the company that manufactures, one of the best routers in the market. The routers from this company have earned a lot of popularity, because of the good build quality. Including its good physical features, it also has a good user interface. Despite the fact that it has got good features, even then you can get various kinds of problems. Now, in order to correct any errors of this router, you can see this article on how to troubleshoot Belkin Router Setup.


Solutions On How to Troubleshoot Belkin Router


This section will provide with the easy steps to solve the issue on How to Troubleshoot Belkin Router Setup.


Lost Internet Connectivity On Both Wired And Wireless Computer


If your internet connectivity is lost on both the wired and wireless computers. Then first, disconnect all the wires from your modem and routers and wait for few seconds. After that time is over, replug all the devices back starting from the modem, then router and at last the computers. Now, check the internet connection if it is available or not.


Check The Firmware Of Your Router


Check if the firmware of your router is obsolete. If it is outdated then you can have some problem to connect to the internet. Therefore it is very much necessary for you to do the Belkin firmware update to its latest version. So that there is no problem for you to connect to the internet. In order to do the Belkin router firmware update, you can download that executable file from the official website of your Belkin router.


Disable Antivirus Or Firewall Software


Sometimes the antivirus or the firewall software can hamper with your internet connection. Since this software can block any incoming or outgoing communication, therefore, it does not allow the users to connect to the internet. So, the solution to resolve the issue of internet connectivity is to disable the antivirus or the firewall software. After that, do try to connect to the internet.


Cannot Connect To Your WiFi


If you cannot able to connect to the WiFi connection with your Belkin router, then check the Belkin router setup. Also, do check if you have provided the correct SSID or password while you connect to the WiFi. In order to know whether you have correct WiFi settings for your router, you can see the user manual that came with your device. If you cannot able to do anything by yourself then contact your ISP or the manufacturer of your device. If you follow the above points correctly then you can learn how to access router settings and resolve the internet connectivity problem with the Belkin router